About Us

Triangle MLK Committee

The Triangle Martin Luther King, Jr. Committee exists to educate our community by expanding upon the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Among the principles of Dr. King’s legacy are: respect, equality, opportunity, diversity and a commitment to peace, justice, and non-violent solutions to conflict.  All of these principles at the heart of the civil rights movement are equally as relevant to our lives today as we seek to address and solve present-day social issues in our community.

It is the goal of the Triangle MLK Committee to organize, deliver and promote quality events and programming in the Triangle on the King national holiday, and expand the message of hope and healing in Dr. King’s philosophy through ongoing, community-engaging activities throughout the year.

Letter from the Board Chair

The evidence is very strong in today’s society that now is the time to stand for what is humane, right, and just. It is also time to recognize that we are bound together in this world with the potential to create a society of goodness and hope.

Board of Directors

Dr. Dumas A. Harshaw, Jr.

Marty Clayton
Vice Chair

Thad Woodard

Loretta Harper-Arnold

Board Members

  • Nick Allen
  • Mark Alston
  • Tia Bethea
  • Creighton Blackwell
  • Marty Clayton
  • Ryan Clayton
  • Jeremy Collins
  • Rabbi Lucy Dinner
  • Kacie Fore
  • Loretta Harper-Arnold
  • Dr. Dumas A. Harshaw, Jr.
  • William Lucas
  • Emily Page
  • Joseph Sansom
  • Maria Spaulding
  • James White
  • Thad Woodard